"Heroes can't exist without villians..

..I guess this is where I come in.

  Nothing can change my past or blood.. darkness is my destiny."


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Main Information


Venom- rogue/kit

His birth name, given to him by his mother.

It resembles his long fangs, like a snake's.

Venompaw- apprentice

His name given to him when joining his Clan.

Kept the name "Venom".

Venomfang- warrior/deputy

Like his birth name, he was given the name "fang" over his long fangs.

It's also a secret reminded of the name of his father, Fangpaw.

Venomstar- leader

His name given to him when becoming leader of his Clan.




Gender: Tom

Breed: Toyger 22%/

Savannah 11%/

Tabby 28% /

Somali 50% mixed

Scent: Fresh pines

Birthdate: February 19th

Season: Leaf-bare

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Orientations: Heterosexual, Heteroromantic


ThunderClan: 0%

WindClan: 0%

RiverClan: 3%

ShadowClan: 27%

Kitty-pet: 43%

Rouge/Loner: 27%

Theme Songs

Venomfang & Cherryblaze's Theme: It's You by Fireflight

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