"Heroes can't exist without villians..

..I guess this is where I come in.

  Nothing can change my past or blood.. darkness is my destiny."


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"Love is lust and friendship is lies. The naïve die and the smart ones learn from the death of others. Innocents became tainted and broken easily by superior claws. Like I was. This world has no colors, it's only gray.. Stained with red. Or at least that's the way I used to see it.. until somebody showed me otherwise.

                                                                  -Venomfang speaks about meeting Spice


Fur Color(s):

Dark brown with nearly black stripes and a slightly lighter underbelly.

Fur Type:

Short and glossy, pressed flat against his skin.

Eye Color:

Icy amber.


1 5.8 inches


17 pounds

Body Type:

He's fairly handsome and muscular with long legs, big paws, and a long tail. His ears are somewhat big and his fangs are abnormally long. A bit heavyset.


He has many scars but a majority are hidden beneath his pelt, only visible when his fur is parted. The only scar really noticeable is a nick on his right ear. The worst wound ever inflicted on him was on his neck when it was nearly broken. In cold conditions the bone can get rather sore at times and would have to crack it often.


Positive Traits-


Venomfang is just as loyal as Cherryblaze. But he does take it a bit more serious than she does. Loyalty is all he has, all he is. Sometimes it's hidden and sometimes it's seen.


Unlike his sister, Venomfang's emotions never get the better of him. Mainly because he was raised on feeling no emotions. It was when he met Spice is when feelings came at him like a tidal wave. Though now he feels emotion, he isn't easily swayed by them like Cherryblaze unless it involves her.


Venomfang is a bit distant to many but once you befriend him he sees you as trustworthy. He's very faithful to each bond he has and treasures them highly since he never had such things when he was growing up, he was isolated as a kit. However he does sometimes takes things too seriously and gets a bit obsessive.


He's only obedient to those he respects. And when he is obedient to one who knows he'd listen to them it's no surprise that they would order Venomfang to fight their battles. Venomfang is a powerful cat. His obedience means he'll kill if he's told to.


He may not show it but Venomfang is surprisingly selfless. He always puts others before himself. Always willing to give up something of his to somebody who needs it more than he does. He especially is more attentive to queens for an odd, unknown reason.


He's likely this way due to his kit-days when he would speak to his father he had to be very careful with the words he choses unless he wanted physical punishment. Even to this day that still effects him. But, there's nothing wrong with being overly polite at times.

-Negative Traits


Venomfang is never one to goof around. He takes everything seriously so acting serious isn't a big surprise. He's always been the stiff type. And despises jokes. Especially fat jokes since Spice used to make those jokes about him all the time when they were kits. It's more of extremely annoying but you can get on his bad side pretty easily. He can easily seen as not being a very "fun" cat because of this trait.


One of his worst, twisted traits. He has a callous nature where he gets kicks off making others physically suffer. In fact it would seem at times that it's the only thing he enjoyed most. To a simple bystander watching him, it's too easy to tell that it was the screams of pain that he took most pleasurably. 


He has never enjoyed being in crowds and could often be found off to the sidelines were least cats were around. Not to mention that his antisocial side makes him want to avoid contact of any other felines as well. He's not aloof, just distant.


In fighting, hunting, even in arguments, Venomfang holds nothing back when it comes to being brutal. He's ruthless. Especially when in battles, his only objective is to win. And if needed or not, he breaks his opponents.


Venomfang is seriously mentally unstable. Due to a painful kithood full of nothing but physical and emotional pain it has effected him greatly, traumatized. His crazed side is dormant beneath his serious and reserved traits. But when under enough pressure his instability begins to leak to the surface, and things can become very ugly very fast.


Venomfang killed another feline when he was only four moons old, in fact he had a crush on her. Another event that traumatized him. His love for the she-cat disappeared as the memory was absorbed to the feeling of her blood soaking his paws, the rusty scent filling his nose. He made his second kill when he was seven moons old, killing his own father. It was the second time that his blood-thirst began to become addicting. And he isn't afraid to kill again. Sometimes he even has to restrain himself.



  • Stargazing: He started admiring the stars after seeing Spice's love for their beauty.
  • Food: He is a massive tom that requires a lot. But most of all, he likes different flavors. Mainly frogs.
  • Being Accepted: Nothing makes him more happy than when others accept who he is and acknowledge him.
  • Bloodshed: Though many hate it, he craves it. 


  • Getting Wet: Your average cat. He even avoids small puddles. And could even snap or even attack you if you purposely pushed him into one.
  • Heights: Another average cat thing. However his fear of heights was formed by his father during his kithood as 'bravery' tests. He failed each one.
  • Getting Dirty: Many would think he's a housecat. Maybe it's his Somali genes? He hates dirt. Even when his pelt is squeaky clean he still washes it.
  • Jokes: Venom started hating jokes after all the pranks Spice would pull on him back when they were kits. Her jokes were harmless but it made the poor tom often nervous when a kit so easily intimidated.

Oddest Behavior(s)-

Clean Freak: Every since he was a kit he was obsessed with being tidy. Even in harsh twolegplace conditions he was somehow spotless which always complete amazed Spice. In fact he used to often yell at her for being so filthy when she had such pretty fur in his eyes.

Obsessive/Possessive: He takes bonds and relationships too seriously. Since he never had such things when growing up, it's too often for him to constantly wanting to know what you're doing, where're you going, who're you talking to, ect. Especially possessive over his little sister who was his first bond. Sometimes his jealousy gets strong enough for him to even become violent.


His Father: He may have killed his father but that doesn't mean his fear died along with him. If it wasn't for meeting Spice, Venom could be walking down a very dark path right now because of his father's doings on him. When he learned that Demon was a formerly exiled Clan cat he knew that his father's soul is now in the Dark Forest. In other words, Demon can still comeback for revenge one way or another. The simple fact haunts him and at times he can rarely sleep at nights out of fear that Demon will someday enter his dreams. Nothing makes Venom freeze and tremble like Demon does.