"Heroes can't exist without villians..

..I guess this is where I come in.

  Nothing can change my past or blood.. darkness is my destiny."


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Mother (deceased)

A very beautiful, snow white she-cat with stunning ocean blue eyes and bright pink nose. Duchess is a purebred Somali, born and raised a kitty-pet. Though she did have the courage of a warrior with a pure heart. Before meeting Lionclaw and having his litter, including Spice, she met Demon first. Demon loved her deeply before she left him. And Venom loved her too, and admired her beauty. Duchess did love Demon but when she found out about his murderous nature she left him. And left Venom and his siblings with Demon in hopes that it'll keep him from going insane. Venom didn't know his mother was dead until Spice told him. When they were kits, Venom would often ask Spice what their mother was like. She's a bit of a hothead but also brave and kind. Venom's only regret is that he couldn't meet her at least one more time.


Father (deceased)

He was born a Clan cat named Fangkit. His siblings died at birth so he was an only child. It was a bad year and his parents died in battle when he was young. That's when he started becoming callous. When he was only an apprentice, he committed murder. Killing three of his Clan-mates during a training session. When they found Fangpaw they said that the three were slaughtered and their blood soaked his fur a dark red. To this day, it's unknown why he did it. He fled to Twolegplace and changed his name to Demon. Later he met Duchess who he fell in love with. But after she left him, he abandoned their kits to die in the snow. He was awed when he returned and one was still alive. The oldest kit. The kit that looked identical to him. Demon trained Venom to fight at an age too young. He was abusive and brutal. Even making Venom kill his first crush.  However, one night he pushed Venom too far. And everything backfired on Demon when his own son killed him by ripping out his throat with a single bite. Now he walks in the Dark Forest, waiting for his next chance to rise..


Toad, Blossom, and Rain

Brothers and Sister (all deceased)

They were less than a moon old when they died so Venom has not too much of a memory about them. Rain was a pure black tom. Toad was a white tom with less brown patches. Blossom was a white she-cat with more brown patches than her brother. Venom was the oldest of the litter and looks nearly identical to their father. The youngest was Rain. Rain would often hide in the back of the group while Toad was the loud one. Blossom was the quiet one. And Venom was the one that cried more than the others.



Half-Sister (alive)

His world revolves around her. Everything he does normally involves a reason leading up to her. Her bravery, inner strength, boldness. She's everything he wish he could be. Even when he first met her as kits, she was a tiny frail runt facing off against three rogues who had cornered her. He was completely baffled when she attacked when her chances of winning were impossible. In the end she was easily beaten and mocked for her bravery. Something inside Venom was triggered, a fire, and before he knew it he was leaping over the kitty-pet into battle. Taking on the rogues and defeating them with ease in no time. It didn't take long for a tight bond to form between them. He admired the color of her fire. However, his jealousy over her strengths is just as powerful as his love if not more powerful than his love.

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