"Heroes can't exist without villians..

..I guess this is where I come in.

  Nothing can change my past or blood.. darkness is my destiny."


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Kithood to Apprentice

1 - 20 days old

Like Cherry, Venom wasn't Clan-born. Nor was he born in a comfy twoleg nest like her. It was just him, his three younger siblings from second oldest to youngest; Toad, Blossom, and Rain, and his parents. In fact he was born in an isolated dark ally during leaf-bare, a moon later Spice was born in newleaf. When he was a kit, he remembered his father being distant but their mother was always their to keep them warm with her fluffy white fur. His mother had always commented how he looked the most like his father out of his other three siblings. Venom loved his beautiful mother, adored her greatly and admired her pretty ocean blue eyes. The kindest and love in them that he had come to know faded from his life and from his memories as one snowy night he and his younger siblings watched as their mother and father fought. Venom and his younger brothers and sister didn't know what it was about, but when their mother walked away, they knew she wasn't coming back. It was only then their father looked down upon them with hatred in his eyes, and then he left too. He left for a long time. Venom didn't know how long, all he knew was that his brothers and sisters were passing out from starving and dehydration. The weakness over coming Venom who was the last one standing as well. When their father finally returned, it was too late. All the kits were dead. Or so he thought until he kicked them and the kit that looked identical to him, the oldest kit, was the only one who screamed from the pain in his stomach. The only one still alive. His father nurtured Venom back to health. He wasn't even one moon old yet when this massive phase in his life happened. And he barely remembers anything from it. All he remembers his mother's snow white fur and gentle ocean blue eyes.

3 moons - 5 moons

Venom didn't know why but his father was just so insisted on making him stronger. He would always say "It's so you can protect yourself" and Venom was naive enough to think that. Or at least until he turned three moons old, and then it began. He was terrified. It was a challenge every day trying to live up to his father's expectations and face his wrath if he were to fail he would cry. Or at least wanted to. His father had told him "Crying makes you weak" and of course, weak was the last thing he wanted to be. His father didn't even teach him to hunt, the kit just had to search for it on his own. He would try to hunt rats but was rarely ever successful so it was mostly leftover twoleg food from metal cans he would eat from, his tests were another story.  It would go from pain resistance, to fighting, to bravery a pattern through days. They did pain resistance the most since fighting  was getting nowhere fast in his father's eyes. However such 'training' left many scars on him beneath his fur, hidden well as to this day. You'd think that would be the worst, but it wasn't. Venom feared bravery tests. The things his father would push him into doing only StarClan knows. Partly why he was afraid of heights.

At five moons, Venom still couldn't resist pain nor was he immune to it. He just eventually learned to tolerate it. His fighting tests were getting better since he had been increasing in size dramatically fast. While finding a brief chance to search for food he saw a small group of rogues chasing a young she-cat he had assumed was around his age and was probably a kittypet. Still naive, he couldn't just sit back and watch so he leaped in to her rescue. The rogues already became uneasy when they saw his face, it was just the youth that threw them off. They didn't have much time to wonder about it since soon enough Venom had sent them running with a few claw marks to remember him by. The kittypet's name he saved was Lilac. To Venom, her pretty calico pelt and warm amber eyes were breathtaking. One could say love at first sight. He had took her home at sunset before taking his time to find something to eat now. When returning to his father's ally, what seemed like a dreamy day turned into a nightmare come night. His father had captured Lilac and ordered Venom to kill her. For the first time ever Venom told him "no" and disobeyed his father's orders. Which ended badly for him when his father attacked him, nearly breaking his neck but fractured the bone instead. Due to the awful pain in his neck Venom willingly did it out of fear of being killed, taking the life of his first lover.

6 moons - 7 moons and up

At six moons, you might as well considered Venom a copy of his father. Well, more of stoic. The only difference was that he was always emotionless. Father said that having emotions 'blind' you from the orders you've been given. And to be honest? The emotions he felt anyways were always aching on his chest. So why not numb it..? It was only one morning that he saw the same group of rouges again chasing a new victim. A pretty small and fragile looking kittypet. With a pelt that glowed like a brilliant blaze, Venom had never seen anything like it before. When young she-cat was cornered by the rouges she didn't cry for help like Lilac did, no, she attacked. The odds were stacked completely against her but she still fought back, and right away Venom was already starting to feel feelings again. Admiration. The fiery kittypet was easily knocked down to the ground in seconds and was mocked for her bravery. At that moment something clicked inside of Venom. Rage. And before he knew it he was leaping over the she-cat into battle. The rogues this time looked even more frightened than last time. Rumor had it that when you saw his face for a second time that would be the last thing you would see before dying. But that was his father's rumor.. sometimes Venom would be mistaken for it. He defeated them once again and sent them running before turning back to the kittypet he later found out her name was Spice. She had this excited smile on her face when looking at him.. and eventually was following him around and wouldn't stop yapping. Soon, Venom was feeling another emotion. Annoyance... He knew he couldn't be feeling these emotions so he needed to get ride of her quickly. But for some reason he couldn't find the will to lift a claw at her. Maybe it was something about her eyes..

Eventually they found out they were half-siblings and then everything changed. Venom never knew he had never even realized lonely until she walked into his life. He eventually couldn't block his emotions any longer, his numbed heart beginning to warm. Venom took care of Spice and gave her shelter to where he would sleep at nights. Everyday was something new when it came to her.  Everyday was something to smile about apart from the training he received from his father which he kept a secret from Spice, it was only his brutal wounds that would give it away. Of course, Spice persistently questioned him and he eventually cracked and told her everything. Venom never truly had a shoulder to cry on until then. He felt emotionally safe and physically strong when being with her. And eventually came to show when the day came they had to slit due to being cornered by two large dogs. Becoming brave to protect his little sister came naturally to the tom. He had told her to flee into the forest while he used himself as a decoy. The plan had worked and Venom eventually lost the dogs. When returning back to his father's ally he found him furious when he found out about Venom's little sister. Furious at Venom for keeping a secret from him. And then, his father had hit him for the last time. At the age of seven moons, Venom had had enough and when blinded by rage he took his father's life in cold blood without a second thought. Did he regret what he did afterwards? Yes. His father raised him. Made him 'strong'. And yet, at the same time, he loved the feeling of his father's blood soaking between his toes. It felt refreshing somehow. But, now having nothing for him to stay here, he decided to go find Spice in the forest. Except he ran into ShadowClan territory, running into their warriors. He figured joining this Clan would be the best way to finding Spice. So from then on he joined as an apprentice. And became Venompaw.

Even when joining ShadowClan, he was the 'gloomy' type. And distant. Not too many felines are capable of befriending this tom.

What happens next is in role-play.~